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Perry Q Wood

Australian visas - what you need to know

Some of the most common types of visas for people looking to migrate to Australia:

  • Partner visas this can include visas for your fiance, married or de-facto partner.
  • Family visas these visas can indluce adoption, carer, dependent relative and more.
  • Parent visas the requirements for each parent visa type differ, there are key eligibility requirements that apply to all applicants.
  • Work and skilled visas can include temporary and permanent visas for both regional and metropolitan areas.
  • Protection visas can allow you to stay in Australia if you fear returning to your home country.

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Visa process - stay in Australia

Applying for an Australian visa can be complex. With help from an Australian Migration Lawyer, we can untangle this complexity, and help you apply for the right visa.

1. Consultation and engagement

2. Preparation and support

3. Submission and communication

4. Representation and success

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About Australian Migration Lawyers

Australian Migration Lawyers believes in forging a partnership to get you an Australian visa. We offer you our extensive experience in migration law to strengthen your visa application.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Excellent understanding of the types of evidence you need for a successful visa application.
  • Quality control processes including comprehensive checklists developed by experienced lawyers.
  • Offshore and onshore assistance for all kinds of visas.

Solving your migration problems

The Australian visa process can be complex and difficult to navigate.

With a consultation with Australia Migration Lawyers, you will get a clear path forward towards living in Australia. With our pricing guarantee and promise of clear communication, you'll always be in control of the visa application process.

Let's start on your visa application together.

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Australian visas - know the facts

In Australia, visa requirements, laws and regulations continue to change regularly.

Following the global pandemic, the proportion of visa applications submitted by migration professionals rose, given increased uncertainty with respect to migration.

In 2023-24 permanent visa places will DROP to only 190000 places.

This includes:

  • Independent visas – 93075 places. This category aims to grow the economy and fill identified skill shortages.
  • Family and partner visas – 52500 places. This category predominantly consists of partner visa spots.
  • Employer nominated - 36825 places.

This will increase competition between applicants and add additional strain on migration professionals as applicants seek to submit higher quality, decision-ready applications.

Our experienced migration lawyers can work with you to identify the most suitable visa for you.


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Types of visas

There are several types of visa types available, depending on your circumstances.

Partner visas

Partner visas grant spouses and de facto partners of Australian citizens or permanent residents the right to reside in Australia.

Partner visas

Parent and family visas reunite parents and relatives with their Australian citizen or permanent resident family members.

Parent visasFamily visas

Work and skilled visas

Work and skilled visas enable qualified professionals and tradespeople to live and work in Australia.

Work and skilled visas

Protection visas

Protection visas allow those eligible as refugees to seek asylum and live, study and work in Australia.

Protection visas

Appeals, cancellations & refusals

We assist with appeals, cancellations, and refusals to ensure your migration applications are reviewed and reconsidered.

Appeals, cancellations & refusals

We support the LGBTIQ+ community across Australia

Australia Migration Lawyers can help you all over Australia

We work with people all over Australia, offering professional migration guidance and support.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a migration agent and a lawyer?

A lawyer must complete an accredited three-year law degree (or equivalent) and be entered into the role of practitioners of a Supreme Court in Australia. Registration as a migration agent involves a shorter course followed by an examination.

It is important that you check that a migration agent is registered with the Office of Migration Agent’s Registration Authority. Unregistered migration agents should be reported through Border Watch online.

What happens at the first consultation?

We will seek to understand your situation and wider circumstances. From this, we will be able to provide advice concerning your visa eligibility. We do not offer free consultations in relation to skilled visas.

Where are your offices?

We have access to an office network in each Australian state and territory. We can also meet with you virtually via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet - whichever you prefer. We also offer telephone consultations upon request.

What is the cost?

It will depend upon which visa you are applying for. We offer a set-price guarantee, so there are no hidden costs.

Can you make the process faster?

Internally within our firm, we act quickly. Our policy at Australian Migration Lawyers is to always submit a thorough application, with the aim of reducing requests for further information, which are often the cause of delays. Being experienced lawyers, we will advise you of the current trends relating to the processing times of the relevant decision-making body.

What is your success rate?

This depends on the type of visa. Being experienced lawyers, we are very good at what we do. What is important is that we understand all your circumstances so that we can explain to you what your options are.

How do I get permanent residency?

There are several pathways to permanent residency. These may or may not apply to you. Your lawyer would be pleased to discuss permanent residency with you.

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