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Australian Migration Lawyers are experienced in Australian migration law. We are an award-winning law firm that practices solely in immigration so we know the most up-to-date immigration policies and law to advise our clients. 

Our work spans primary visa applications, bridging visas, visa refusals, visa cancellations, Tribunal appeals and court work and our legal team can support you at any stage in the immigration process.  

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The Australian Migration Lawyers difference

Meet with our Melbourne Migration Lawyers

If you are available for an in-person consultation, we have an office conveniently located in Melbourne. 

During your initial consultation, you will meet with an immigration lawyer directly and we will explain our immigration law services, discuss your visa options, and talk you through the entire process before giving you a fixed, upfront fee for ongoing services. It is important to have a clear understanding of your options and plan if you are seeking visa options, permanent residency or citizenship. 

  • Multiple payment options available
  • Online and in-person appointments available
  • Friendly, compassionate and professional team to support you
  • Migration lawyers that will work with you throughout the visa application or appeal process

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Payment options

Bank transfer, credit card (Mastercard, VISA, or AMEX),
3-6 monthly instalments available in some cases

Visa services from trusted Melbourne Migration Lawyers

Partner & Family Visas

Primary visa applications for married or de facto couples to remain in Australia include the Partner Visas subclass 820/801 and subclass 309/100, as well as the Prospective Marriage Visa (300). These visas also apply for same-sex couples.

Partner VisaParent VisaFamily Visa
Work & Skilled Visas

A range of visas for applicants with in-demand skills and qualifications to work and live in Australia, contributing to the country's economy and addressing skill shortages. This includes employer sponsored visas, skilled visas through state and federal programs and Global Talent visas. 

Protection Visas

The Protection Visa (866) enables you to apply and seek asylum and live in Australia permanently based on key criteria from the Australian Government’s immigration law and policies. 

Visa Appeals

For visa cancellations and visa refusals, our team can help you prepare for the review process handled by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and/or Federal Courts.

AAT AppealsVisa Refusals/RejectionsVisa Cancellation

50+ years

of combined years since admission to practice

100% success rate

for partner visas for married or de facto couples


Migration Lawyers representing clients at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Federal Courts


law firm, recognised as leading migration lawyers

Visa application process

Applying for a visa to Australia can be complex. With help from an Australian Migration Lawyer, we can untangle this complexity, and help you apply for the right visa.

1. Consultation and engagement

2. Preparation and support

3. Submission and communication

4. Representation and success

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Benefits of using Melbourne based migration Lawyers

The team at Australian Migration Lawyers have decades of combined experience. We have a high success rate, and do not shy away from complex cases. 

The team at Australian Migration Lawyers is made up of qualified Australian lawyers who draw on their knowledge of relevant legislation and case law in advising you on your visa application, and other migration options and strategies available to you. 

As lawyers, we have an obligation to ensure that your visa application is compliant with all legislative requirements for the grant of a visa, which naturally improves your chances of success. We assist you with preparing your application all the way through to the grant of your visa, including working with you to action any additional requests from the Department of Home Affairs. 

  • High success rate
  • Saves you time 
  • Legal advice when you need it and representation in court
  • Providing the most up-to-date knowledge on visa policies
  • Tailor advice to your personal circumstances
  • A Melbourne Migration Lawyer can meet with you in person to discuss your application

Visa eligibility in Melbourne

With so many visa options and subsequent subclasses available, finding the one most suited to your situation can be a tricky and overwhelming process. As everyone’s circumstances are different and some are more complex than others, it’s always best to discuss your situation with a qualified professional, such as an immigration lawyer. 

An immigration lawyer is extensively trained in migration law issues and will be able to advise you of your eligibility for a certain visa type, as well as help you with the application process.

Costs involved when applying for an Australian visa in Melbourne

The government costs vary for each visa type and you also need to factor in the cost of living while you await the outcome of your visa application. Please see further details relating to specific visas as a guide on the professional fees and Department of Home Affairs and other associated fees. 

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Melbourne visa processing times

Processing times vary depending on the type of visa application you’re submitting, the backlog of visas waiting to be processed, and whether you’ve presented sufficient evidence. The latter can cause significant delays if the government request more information from you. 

Processing times are subject to change. At Australian Migration Lawyers, our goal is to submit high-standard, comprehensive applications that are as complete as possible to help reduce delays.

Meet your Australian Migration Lawyer

We’re a diverse team of professionals with decades of combined experience. We care about your situation and will make sure you always get the support and advice you need.

History of migration in Melbourne

Melbourne’s vibrant history of migration can be traced back to the 19th century when European settlers arrived during the Victorian gold rush. This influx of immigrants, primarily from Europe and China, transformed Melbourne into a thriving multicultural hub. The subsequent waves of migration included Italians, Greeks, and Eastern Europeans after World War II, followed by migrants from Asia, the Middle East, and Africa in the latter half of the 20th century.

In recent years, Melbourne's migration patterns have continued to evolve, with an increasing number of skilled migrants, international students, and refugees calling the city home. This ongoing migration has brought a wealth of cultural traditions, languages, and culinary delights to Melbourne.

We support the LGBTIQ+ community across Australia

Frequently asked questions

How much does an immigration lawyer charge in Melbourne?

At Australian Migration Lawyers, we’ll discuss fees with you during the initial consultation so you know what is involved and we can tailor a quote to your specific visa application. 

Can I buy a house on a temporary visa in Melbourne?

Temporary visa holders are able to buy property in Melbourne and other Australian cities, however:

  • You will generally need to seek approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board and may be required to pay a fee (for example, as of 1st July 2023, the fee for a residential property and exemption certificate application is $14,100 for property between $75,000 and $1 million AUD).
  • Some banking and financial requirements may be different for people on temporary visas compared to permanent residents. 

Some other key things to note include: 

  • You can generally only buy and live in one established dwelling and must sell it within 3 months once it is no longer your primary residence
  • You cannot buy an established dwelling as a holiday home, investment property, or with the purpose to rent out (however, you can for new dwellings, subject to approval)
  • You can purchase as many new dwellings as you receive approval for (in addition to an established dwelling that is your principal place of residence)
  • Temporary visa holders can buy undeveloped land for residential living purposes, as long as development is finished no more than four years after the approval date and confirmation is submitted within 30 days of you receiving evidence of completion

Can I live in Melbourne with visa 190?

If you’ve been nominated by the Victorian Government for a subclass 190 visa (the Skilled Nominated visa), you can live and work anyway in Victoria for two years. After that time you are able to work anywhere in Australia. 

How can I talk to a migration lawyer for free in Melbourne?

Some migration law firms charge initial consultation fees which makes it hard to get advice before committing to their services. 

At Australian Migration Lawyers, we offer a free consultation (for some visa categories) to discuss your visa options and any other questions you have before providing an upfront fixed fee for ongoing services. If you are seeking a consultation where a fee applies, this can be deducted from your fixed price if you choose to engage us for the application or appeal process. You can visit us in our Melbourne office Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm.

About the content author

Perry Q Wood
Partner - Principal Migration Lawyer

Perry Q Wood is National President of the Australian Institute of Administrative Law and one of Australia’s leading administrative and migration lawyers. To date, he has been involved in 1,000+ migration and refugee matters.

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