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Cherlyn Teo CPA

Head of Finance and Trust Accounting


Cherlyn's academic accomplishments include earning qualifications from CPA Australia, a Master of Science in Professional Accountancy from the University of London, and membership with FCCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). Her blend of expertise, experience, and dedication continues to make impactful contributions to the organizations she serves.

Cherlyn Teo embarked on her migration journey in late 2010, culminating in the acquisition of permanent residency in early 2012. Her professional trajectory led her to Australia in the same year, where she transitioned as a skilled migrant into the role of an external auditor.

With a robust background spanning over 16 years, Cherlyn is a seasoned Certified Practicing Accountant. Her career commenced within the realms of accounting and audit firms, honing her expertise in professional services. She subsequently traversed into commercial firms across diverse industries, including advertising, media, education, retail, IT, marketing, retail and office leasing, fashion, property development, and F&B hospitality.

Cherlyn's passion lies in optimizing organizational efficiency and effectiveness by collaborating with both internal and external stakeholders. Her proficiency extends to identifying business risks, refining internal controls, and streamlining processes to drive sustainable growth and success.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Cherlyn finds joy in activities such as Zumba, Pilates, yoga, and indulging in culinary adventures. Family and friends occupy a cherished place in her life, and she relishes spending quality time with them.


CPA Australia
MSc Professional Accountancy, University of London
FCCA, Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

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