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The Australian Migration Lawyers difference

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Whether you’re based in Hobart or other parts of Tasmania, we can meet with you virtually or in person (by appointment) to discuss your specific visa needs. A qualified immigration lawyer or agent will take the time to understand your situation and guide you through the steps in the process. We will then send you a fixed-rate proposal that outlines the migration services we can offer you tailored to your requirements.

  • Multiple payment options, including instalments
  • Virtual and face-to-face consultations available (by appointment) 
  • Caring and supportive 
  • Dedicated team of lawyers practising in Australian migration law


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Visa and migration services in Hobart

Our qualified migration team offers a range of legal services in Hobart. Our experience in migration law means that we have a good understanding of Australian migration policies and procedures. We understand what is involved when applying for a visas and making a comprehensive case.

Partner visas

Partner visas grant spouses and de facto partners of Australian citizens or permanent residents the right to reside in Australia.

Partner visas

Parent and family visas reunite parents and relatives with their Australian citizen or permanent resident family members.

Work and skilled visas

Work and skilled visas enable qualified professionals and tradespeople to live and work in Australia.

Work and skilled visas

Protection visas

Protection visas allow those eligible as refugees to seek asylum and live, study and work in Australia.

Protection visas

Appeals, cancellations & refusals

We assist with appeals, cancellations, and refusals to ensure your migration applications are reviewed and reconsidered.

Appeals, cancellations & refusals

50+ years

of experience across the team

100% success rate

for Partner visas for married or de facto couples


Migration Lawyers representing clients at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Federal Courts


law firm, recognised as leading Migration Lawyers

Visa application process

Applying for a visa to Australia can be complex. With help from an Australian Migration Lawyer, we can untangle this complexity, and help you apply for the right visa.

1. Consultation and engagement

2. Preparation and support

3. Submission and communication

4. Representation and success

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Benefits and support when working with an immigration lawyer

Engaging an Australian Migration Lawyer comes with a host of benefits for your visa application. The dedicated team at Australian Migration Lawyers take the time to understand your unique situation, allowing us to provide customised legal support, even for complex cases. We can guide you through every step, offering a seamless and stress-free journey.

  • You will have direct access to your immigration lawyer
  • Virtual, phone and in person consultations available (by appointment) 
  • High success rate
  • Migration legal team offering confidential legal advice when needed
  • Range of visa services available to suit your specific situation
  • People-first approach, committed to providing client satisfaction

Checking visa eligibility criteria for Hobart visa

With so many visa categories on offer, it can be easy to get stuck trying to determine the best one for your personal situation. If you’re unsure which visa to choose or are eligible for more than one, contact the Australian Migration Lawyers team, and we’ll help you understand your options. We’ll review the eligibility criteria for each visa subclass and help you choose the most appropriate.

Costs associated with applying for a visa in Hobart

When budgeting for your visa, there are a few main costs to take into account. Firstly, you’ll need to pay the appropriate government fee (to the Department of Home Affairs) depending on your visa type (if applicable) upon lodging your application. Australian Migration Lawyers will be able to advise you of the anticipated costs including the legal and application fees.

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Visa processing times in Hobart

Visa processing times across Australia vary based on the type of visa you’re applying for, as well as the the complexity and demands on the Department of Home Affairs. If there is insufficient evidence or gaps in information this will cause delays. 

At Australian Migration Lawyers, we focus on submitting quality applications to minimise these delays and help get your visa processed as soon as possible.

Meet your Australian Migration Lawyer

We’re a diverse team of professionals with decades of combined experience. We care about your situation and will make sure you always get the support and advice you need.

A history of Hobart migration

Hobart’s migration story is shaped by various waves of migration over the centuries. Indigenous Tasmanian Aboriginal people inhabited the region for thousands of years before European settlement began in the early 19th century, attracting convicts, settlers, and free migrants from various countries. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Hobart saw an influx of immigrants, including Chinese, Irish, and British migrants, seeking opportunities in the booming industries. Migration increased during and after World War II, with many European immigrants contributing to the city's cultural diversity. 

Today, Hobart continues to welcome migrants from around the world, enriching its multicultural community.

We support the LGBTIQ+ community across Australia

Frequently asked questions

How much does a migration lawyer in Hobart cost?

The cost of hiring a migration lawyer in Hobart can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of your case, the visa subclass you’re applying for, and the exact services you require. Lawyers typically charge for their services based on a flat fee or an hourly rate.

If your case is more complex or you require legal representation, Australian Migration Lawyers can offer legal immigration advice and support when needed. Book a free consultation with Australian Migration Lawyers to find out more.

What are the benefits of an Australian Migration Lawyer?

An Australian Migration Lawyer can offer a comprehensive range of legal services related to Australian immigration and visa matters. Some of the key tasks and services we can provide include:

  • Legal advice tailored to your specific circumstances, guiding you through the complexities of Australian immigration law
  • Assess visa eligibility based on your individual situation, providing insights into the most suitable visa pathway for you
  • Application preparation, such as working with you to gather and organise the necessary documents, and ensuring all legal requirements are met
  • Visa application lodgment on your behalf, ensuring compliance with all legal procedures
  • Representation in appeals and review processes if your visa is cancelled or refused, advocating for your rights and challenging the decision, if applicable

Can a temporary visa buy commercial estate in Tasmania?

In general, temporary visa holders in Tasmania can purchase commercial real estate; however, there are certain restrictions and considerations to keep in mind.
Purchasing commercial real estate involves legal and financial considerations. It is advisable to seek professional advice to understand the legal, financial, and tax implications of the purchase.
Keep in mind that if your visa status changes, such as moving from a temporary visa to a permanent visa, it may affect your eligibility to hold or transact property in Australia.
To ensure you’re complying with current laws in relation to your visa, contact one of our migration lawyers who will be able to assist you.

How long does it take to get 491 visa in Tasmania?

The 491 visa subclass relates to skilled people nominated by a state or territory government to live and work in regional Australia. Applications for the 491 visa are assessed on a case-by-case basis with processing times depending on:

  • Submission of all relevant documentation
  • Responsiveness to requests for further information 
  • Volume of applications waiting to be processed
  • Other factors

It may take between 6 and 18 months to process your application. Australian Migration Lawyers can streamline this process to make it as stress free as possible. 

How do you get a 190 visa in Tasmania?

The 190 visa is a state-nominated permanent visa that allows skilled workers to live and work in a specific state or territory in Australia, including Tasmania. 

To apply for this visa, you need to meet the eligibility criteria, which include having an occupation on the relevant skilled occupation list, obtaining a positive skills assessment for that occupation, meeting the points test requirement, and being under the age of 45.

The 190 visa application process can be complex, and requirements may vary depending on your circumstances. To ensure a smooth and successful application, book in to see us at Australian Migration Lawyers for guidance and support.

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Perry Q Wood
Partner - Principal Migration Lawyer

Perry Q Wood is National President of the Australian Institute of Administrative Law and one of Australia’s leading administrative and migration lawyers. To date, he has been involved in 1,000+ migration and refugee matters.

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