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Joshua Coulson

Associate - Australian Migration Lawyer


Joshua Coulson is a seasoned Australian Migration Lawyer renowned for his experience in a diverse range of visa subclasses.

Focusing primarily in work and skilled visas, Joshua boasts extensive experience across various visa options and occupations. His portfolio includes crafting labour agreements such as Company Specific, DAMAs, and Industry Labour Agreements, allowing him to collaborate closely with employers navigating complex immigration scenarios.

Joshua graduated in law from the Australian Catholic University and obtained a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the Leo Cussen Centre for Law. Following his admission to practice in 2021, Joshua briefly explored property law before discovering his passion for immigration. Driven by the distinctive challenges and rewards of this field, he has cultivated a profound understanding of immigration intricacies to guide clients clearly through their options and chart the optimal pathway towards their objectives. Joshua prides himself on offering personalized guidance to both employers and visa applicants, demystifying the intricate immigration process with tailored advice, detailed options, and a comprehensive overview of potential benefits.

With Joshua, expect transparent communication, proactive strategies, and steadfast advocacy tailored to your specific goals. He empathizes with the stress and uncertainty that often accompanies visa applications and takes every measure to keep clients reassured and well-informed about their application's progress.

Beyond his legal career, Joshua has dedicated time to volunteering with organizations offering legal aid to young offenders in police custody, demonstrating a commitment to supporting individuals through the legal system with empathy and compassion.

Joshua is eager to forge enduring relationships with employers and visa applicants alike, aiding employers in addressing workforce shortages while assisting skilled foreign workers in embarking on new journeys in Australia.


Bachelor of Laws, Australian Catholic University
Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, Leo Cussen

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