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Australian Migration Lawyers Gold Coast

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Australian Migration Lawyers are well-versed in Australian migration law. We are a widely recognised law firm focusing exclusively in immigration matters, ensuring that we are always at the forefront of the latest immigration policies and regulations to provide professional migration advice to our clients.

Our experience covers first visa applications, visa refusals and cancellations, representing clients in Tribunal appeals and navigating court proceedings. Our dedicated legal team is prepared to assist you at any point in your immigration journey.

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The Australian Migration Lawyers difference

Meet our Gold Coast Migration Lawyers

When you have your first consultation with Australian Migration Lawyers, you'll have the opportunity to meet directly with a lawyer or registered migration agent. Our lawyers and migration agents take the time to explain our immigration law services, explore your visa options, and guide you through the entire process. 

Before we proceed, we'll provide you with a transparent fee for our legal services. A clear understanding of your options and a well-structured plan are crucial when pursuing visa options, permanent residency, or Australian citizenship.

  • Various payment methods to choose from.
  • Convenient online and in-person appointment options.
  • A team of experienced migration lawyers is ready to assist you.
  • Partnering with you during the visa application or appeal process.

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Payment options

Bank transfer, Credit card (VISA, Mastercard, or AMEX). We also offer 3-6 monthly instalments in some cases.

Visa services from trusted Gold Coast Immigration Lawyers

Our experience in migration law means that we have a good understanding of current Australian immigration law, policies and procedures. We understand all the moving parts involved when applying for each type of visa. Below are some of the most popular visas we deal with.

Partner & Family Visas

Primary visa applications for married or de facto couples to remain in Australia include the Partner Visas subclass 820/801 and subclass 309/100, as well as the Prospective Marriage Visa (300). These visas also apply for same-sex couples.

Partner VisaParent VisaFamily Visa
Work & Skilled Visas

A range of visas for applicants with in-demand skills and qualifications to work and live in Australia, contributing to the country's economy and addressing skill shortages. This includes employer sponsored visas, skilled visas through state and federal programs and Global Talent visas. 

Protection Visas

The Protection Visa (866) enables you to apply and seek asylum and live in Australia permanently based on key criteria from the Australian Government’s immigration law and policies. 

Visa Appeals

For visa cancellations and visa refusals, our team can help you prepare for the review process handled by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and/or Federal Courts.

AAT AppealsVisa Refusals/RejectionsVisa Cancellation

50+ years

years of combined experience

100% success rate

for Partner visas for genuine and continuing spousal relationships


Migration lawyers and migration agents representing clients at tribunal and court level


law firm, recognised as leading migration lawyers and migration agents

Visa application process

Applying for a visa to Australia can be complex. With help from an Australian Migration Lawyer, we can untangle this complexity, and help you apply for the right visa.

1. Consultation and engagement

2. Preparation and support

3. Submission and communication

4. Representation and success

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Benefits of using our Gold Coast Migration Agents

The Australian Migration Lawyers team boasts decades of combined experience and a proven track record in handling complex cases. Our team comprises qualified Australian lawyers and migration agents who leverage their experience to provide comprehensive guidance on your visa application and other available migration options and strategies.

As trusted legal professionals, we are committed to ensuring the full compliance of your visa application with all legislative prerequisites, significantly enhancing your prospects for success. Our support extends from aiding you in preparing your application to the final granting of your visa, including active collaboration in addressing any additional requests from the Department of Home Affairs.

  • High success rate that saves you time 
  • Legal advice when you need it and representation in court
  • Providing the most up-to-date knowledge on visa policies
  • Tailor advice to your personal circumstances
  • A Gold Coast Migration Lawyer can meet with you in person to discuss your application

Visa eligibility in Gold Coast

Navigating the multitude of Australian visa options can be overwhelming. To determine the best fit for your unique circumstances, it's advisable to consult with a qualified immigration lawyer. 

We are highly experienced in Australian immigration law and can assess your eligibility for various visa types, assisting you throughout the application process, including resident return visas and permanent Australian visa applications on the Gold Coast.

Costs involved when applying for an Australian visa in Gold Coast

Government costs for each visa type vary, and it's essential to consider the cost of living during the visa application process. For specific details regarding professional fees, Department of Home Affairs fees, and other associated costs, please book a free consultation. If you require Gold Coast immigration assistance, timely advice, or legal guidance, our leading boutique law firm is here to help you obtain the necessary information and support.

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Gold Coast visa processing times

Processing times for visa applications can vary based on factors such as the visa type, the existing backlog, and the sufficiency of evidence provided. Delays may occur if the government requests additional information.

All processing times are subject to change. Australian Migration Lawyers, your trusted immigration lawyers on the Gold Coast, are dedicated to assisting you in submitting high-standard and comprehensive applications. We aim to minimise delays by ensuring your application is complete. If you need to obtain legal advice on this matter, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Meet your Australian Migration Lawyer

Our team is a diverse group of professionals, boasting many decades of combined experience. Your unique situation matters to us, and we are committed to providing you with the unwavering support and advice you require.

History of migration on the Gold Coast

In the mid-20th century, the Gold Coast witnessed a population surge as Australians from various regions flocked to its sunny shores, drawn by its tourism and development opportunities. Since then, international migration has played a significant role, with people worldwide choosing the Gold Coast as a destination for its stunning beaches, thriving tourism industry, and economic potential. This ongoing history of immigration has contributed to the Gold Coast's cultural richness, making it a vibrant and cosmopolitan part of Queensland.

We support the LGBTIQ+ community across Australia

Frequently asked questions

How much does an immigration lawyer charge on the Gold Coast?

During your initial consultation with Australian Migration Lawyers, we will thoroughly discuss the fees associated with your case. This transparent discussion allows us to provide you with a personalised quote tailored to the specific requirements of your visa application.

Can you book a free consultation with a migration lawyer or migration agent?

Certainly, you can schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our lawyers or migration agents at Australian Migration Lawyers.

How do you apply for a working visa on the Gold Coast?

Here are the general steps to apply for a working visa on the Gold Coast:

  1. Assess your eligibility
  2. Choose the right visa
  3. Gather required documents
  4. Employer sponsorship
  5. Submit application
  6. Wait for decision
  7. Visa grant

Remember, the process and requirements can vary by visa type, so consult one of our immigration professionals for tailored assistance.

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