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Sara Boskovic

Australian Migration Lawyer


Sara is an Australian Migration Lawyer demonstrating a depth of knowledge and experience that spans migration and refugee law. This includes handling complex cases related to employer-sponsored and work visas, family and partner visas, as well as refugee and protection matters. Her professional journey has seen her work at several leading law firms and she has also gained experience in crimmigration and detention matters.

A particularly noteworthy aspect of Sara's professional life is her steadfast commitment to human rights and social justice. This commitment is further exemplified by her previous work at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC). A crucial part of her experience there involved interacting with clients from diverse cultural backgrounds, many of whom had experienced substantial trauma. Sara's skills in respectful and effective communication has been instrumental in these settings, greatly enhancing her ability to offer empathetic and efficient legal services.

In addition to her legal pursuits, Sara has demonstrated a deep passion for environmental conservation. She has volunteered in this capacity in the Philippines, contributing to projects aimed at protecting and preserving the natural environment. This work not only highlights her versatile interests and skills but also her global perspective and commitment to making a positive impact beyond her immediate professional sphere.

Sara's career, characterised by a blend of technical legal ability and a heartfelt dedication to both people and the environment, establishes her as a respected legal professional. Her work continues to inspire and influence, showcasing the powerful role a dedicated lawyer can play in addressing complex migration, refugee and crimmigration issues.


Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, College of Law
Bachelor of Laws, Deakin University
Bachelor of Legal and Dispute Studies, RMIT University
Certificate IV Youth Mental Health First Aid, RMIT University

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