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Benjamin Magill

Managing Associate (Lawyer)


Benjamin Magill is a highly talented Australian Migration Lawyer, renowned for his focus in a wide spectrum of migration matters, including work, family and protection visas, citizenship cases and navigating the complexities of visa refusals and cancellations. These skills empower him to craft personalised strategies for a diverse clientele.

Prior to joining Australian Migration Lawyers, Benjamin honed his skills at one of Australia's most well-known migration law firms where he was a senior lawyer overseeing a team of solicitors focused solely on migration law. It was here that Benjamin developed a keen interest in appearing in tribunal matters, an arena where he has achieved remarkable success. Indeed, Benjamin's tribunal record is exemplary, routinely securing positive outcomes for his clients through his astute advocacy and deep legal insight.

Benjamin's passion for migration law and human rights is not confined to his professional endeavors. He has a history of voluntary involvement with non-profit organisations dedicated to supporting refugees and migrants. His current voluntary commitment at Refugee Legal involves him in challenging and complex cases. This work reflects his deep commitment to social justice and human rights.

A graduate of the Juris Doctor (JD) law degree from the prestigious University of Melbourne, Benjamin's undergraduate journey was also comprehensive, delving into political science, history and policy studies.

As Benjamin continues on his journey of becoming an accredited specialist in immigration law, he continuously sharpens his skills and knowledge. He is not only an advocate for his clients but also a trusted advisor, guiding them through the labyrinth of migration law with empathy, diligence, and unwavering dedication to their rights and interests.

Benjamin Magill is more than a migration lawyer; he is a beacon of hope and a relentless fighter for justice in the complex world of migration law. His approach to each case is characterized by a meticulous understanding of the law, a strategic mind, and a compassionate heart, making him an invaluable ally for those seeking to navigate the challenges of migration.


Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, Leo Cussen Centre for Law
Juris Doctor, University of Melbourne
Bachelor of Arts, University of Melbourne

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