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Jessica Gillson

Australian Migration Lawyer


Jessica is an Australian Migration Lawyer working within a team that focuses on corporate and private client migration work. Jessica leverages her expertise and dedication to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of both corporate entities and individual clients. Her role within the team underscores her ability to navigate the complex terrain of migration law, whether it involves facilitating corporate relocations or assisting private clients in their pursuit of new opportunities abroad.

Prior to joining Australian Migration Lawyers, Jessica gained experience in commercial law working firstly alongside an experienced commercial law Barrister and then later as a lawyer at a commercial law firm. In these roles she developed her skills in working with both commercial clients and private clients. Jessica has experience working on cases in the Supreme Court, Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia, Magistrates Court as well as Tribunal matters.

Whilst receiving outstanding results from in her law degree, Jessica found her passion for human rights and policy during her time at university. Alongside her law degree she completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Human Rights and minoring in Criminology.  She took this opportunity to research and understand the issues in Australia’s domestic justice system and in her second year of university, received a prestigious award of highest achieving criminology student in her criminology cohort.

Whilst honing her skills in litigation, Jessica has maintained a passion for human rights. Jessica has spent time volunteering with the Ham Diley Campaign, providing legal assistance and advocacy work to highlight the plight of Afghan people trapped in Afghanistan after the Taliban invasion in 2021. She has also spent time volunteering at the HIV AIDS Legal Centre and Jobwatch Employment Law Legal Service providing free legal assistance to those in need.

Jessica is a graduate of the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws (Honours) degrees from Monash University.


Bachelor of Laws (Honours), Monash University

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