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Natalija Stanojevic

Australian Migration Lawyer


Natalija Stanojevic is a dynamic and empathetic individual, making impactful strides in the field of migration law.

Her journey began at one of Australia's most well-known migration law firms, where she gained valuable experience in a variety of cases, including family, partner, and protection visas, along with citizenship cases. Her current role at Australian Migration Lawyers builds on this strong foundation, allowing her to further hone her legal expertise in skilled, business and work visas, character/s501, crimmigration and judicial review matters.

Holding a Bachelor of Laws degree from Deakin University, Natalija's academic path was deeply immersed in migration law and policy. The comprehensive legal education she received at Deakin equipped her with a solid grounding in legal principles, particularly in migration law. Her skills in analysis and research have become invaluable tools in navigating the complexities of Australia's ever-changing migration legislation.

A key aspect of Natalija's professional approach stems from her personal background as part of a migrant family. This experience provides her with a unique empathy and understanding of the migration journey, enabling her to connect deeply with her clients. She values the opportunity to meet new clients and learn their individual stories, an approach she believes is crucial in providing personalised and impactful legal advice.

Natalija's professional experience encompasses not only primary applications but also tribunal matters. This involvement in various stages of the migration process demonstrates her versatility and depth of knowledge in the field. Her ability to navigate both primary application processes and the complexities of tribunal work showcases her adaptability and comprehensive understanding of Australian migration law.

Her passion for her work is deeply connected to her commitment to social justice, human rights, and assisting the less fortunate in society. Natalija is driven by a desire to effect positive change, especially for those who are marginalized or disadvantaged. This dedication is evident in how she approaches each case, ensuring that the rights and dignity of her clients are a priority.

Natalija's aspiration is to become a respected specialist in immigration law. She is focused on expanding her expertise through practical experience, ongoing learning, and professional development, aiming to make significant contributions to the field, influenced by her personal experiences and her strong commitment to social justice and human rights.

Natalija Stanojevic represents a new generation of legal professionals in migration law. Her educational background, practical experience in various stages of migration cases, personal connection to migration, and her dedication to social justice and human rights position her as a passionate and effective advocate for those navigating Australia's complex migration system.


Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, Leo Cussen Centre for Law
Bachelor of Laws (LL.B), Deakin University

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