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Myanmar visa Australia

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February 1, 2024
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Onshore Protection Visa Subclass 866

The current state of affairs in Myanmar has prompted the Australian Government to take decisive action in support of Myanmar nationals in Australia. Recognizing the urgency of the matter, the Australian Government has designated Myanmar nationals as a priority caseload in the onshore protection visa (subclass 866)  program. This strategic move aims to streamline and expedite the processing of protection visa applications for Myanmar nationals currently residing in Australia with valid visas, offering them a sense of certainty amidst uncertain times. If you’re planning to apply for a protection visa (866) as a Myanmar national in Australia, here’s what you need to know about the application process and requirements.

How to apply for a Protection visa as a Myanmar national in Australia:

Eligibility criteria for Protection visas:

You must be a Myanmar national currently in Australia on a valid visa and meet specific eligibility criteria to apply for a protection visa.

  • Arrival on a valid visa - You must have arrived in Australia legally on a valid visa, such as a visitor visa, student visa, or work visa.
  • Engagement of protection obligations - You must be a refugee or a person who is owed complementary protection by Australia. 
  • You must sign Australia’s value statement.
  • You must not hold or ever held any of the visas listed - Temporary Protection visa (subclass 785), Temporary Safe Haven visa (subclass 449), Temporary (Humanitarian Concern) visa (subclass 786), or Safe Haven Enterprise visa (subclass 790)
  • You must not have previously been denied a protection visa in Australia, or have had a cancelled protection visa.
  • Other requirements - You must also meet health, character, security, and identity checks. You must apply for this visa before your current visa expires.

Confirming Eligibility:

Begin by confirming that you meet the eligibility criteria for a protection visa. Understanding the specific grounds for persecution you may face is crucial for a successful application.


Book consultation

If you are interested in getting more information about a Protection visa, get in touch with Australian Migration Lawyers for a consultation.


Gathering supporting documentation

Collect relevant documentation that supports your claim for a protection visa. This may include evidence of persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution in Myanmar. The strength of your supporting documents is vital for a successful application.

Lodging the Protection visa application

Work closely with your migration lawyer to complete and submit your protection visa application online via your ImmiAccount.

The Australian visa application process is predominantly online. You will need to login to your ImmiAccount, provide all requested information and upload the necessary documents as per the guidelines.

Compliance with visa conditions

While awaiting the outcome of your protection visa application, it is crucial to comply with the conditions of your current visa. Failure to adhere to these conditions may impact your eligibility for the protection visa.

 How long does it take?

The timeline for processing protection visas varies and although Myanmar nationals currently residing in Australia who have arrived with a valid visa will have their application for protection prioritised, applicants should be prepared for a waiting period. Factors influencing processing times include the complexity of the case, the completeness of documentation, and the current workload of the Department of Home Affairs. While specific timelines cannot be guaranteed, applicants can stay informed by regularly communicating with their migration law firm and promptly providing any additional information requested. Patience is key during this period, and staying compliant with visa conditions is crucial to a smooth processing journey.

Engaging a lawyer to increase chances of success

When it comes to applying for a Myanmar protection visa, it is highly recommended to engage a lawyer. The application process can be complex and confusing, and even a small mistake can lead to a refusal. The intricacies of the legal process, the need for comprehensive documentation, and the ever-evolving immigration landscape underscore the importance of engaging a migration lawyer. This decision provides several benefits, here are some compelling reasons why:

Assistance submitting your application and supporting evidence

Mistakes, ambiguities or contradictions in claims can be detrimental and lead to the refusal of an application. By enlisting the assistance of a migration lawyer, applicants can ensure that their applications are meticulously prepared, and the requisite supporting documentation is provided, minimizing the risk of inadvertent errors that could jeopardize their chances.  

Assistance during the interview process

You may be asked to attend an interview with immigration officials. This interview aims to discuss your protection visa application and allows you to clarify any claims made. One of the reasons individuals are strongly urged to enlist the support of a lawyer is the potential pitfalls during the protection visa interview.  It is a crucial step of your application process during which a single mistake, an incorrect answer, or an irrelevant statement during the interview could have severe consequences, leading to the refusal of the application.

Our lawyers at Australian Migration Lawyers (AML) understand the nuances of protection visa interviews. They are adept at preparing applicants for these crucial interactions and can even be present during the interview to provide valuable support and ensure that your rights are protected throughout the interview process. This personalized assistance significantly enhances the chances of a successful application.

Navigating administrative processes

The immigration process involves dealing with administrative procedures and requirements. A migration lawyer can efficiently handle paperwork, communicate with relevant authorities, and ensure that all necessary documents are submitted correctly and on time. This helps streamline the application process and minimizes the risk of delays.

Tailored advice for individual cases

Every immigration case is unique, with its own set of circumstances and challenges. A migration lawyer provides personalized advice, considering the specific details of your situation. This tailored guidance ensures that your application is customized to address the nuances of your case, increasing the likelihood of success.

Legal representation in appeals and reviews

In the unfortunate event of a visa application refusal, a migration lawyer is equipped to handle protection visa appeals and reviews. They can represent you before relevant tribunals or authorities, presenting a strong case for reconsideration. Their experience in the appeals process increases the chances of a successful outcome.

Updates on changes in Immigration policies

Immigration laws and policies are subject to change. A migration lawyer stays up to date with all the changes and updates, ensuring that your application aligns with the latest regulations. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of unforeseen complications due to amendments in immigration policies.

With Australian Migration Lawyers, you gain invaluable support in navigating the protection visa application process, ensuring your application stands the best chance of success. Our dedicated team of legal professionals is committed to providing comprehensive assistance, offering a reliable ally for individuals choosing AML. We understand the challenges that Myanmar nationals face when applying for protection visas, having successfully assisted numerous clients in similar situations.

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