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Navigating the post-interview phase

Managing Associate (Lawyer)
February 1, 2024
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What comes next in your Protection visa journey

Following the interview DoHA will assess your application and the details shared during the interview. DoHA might undertake additional investigations or seek further information from you or other sources. The timeframe for a decision varies based on the complexity of your case and the volume of applications being handled. Despite potential variations, DoHA strives to expedite the processing of protection visa applications.

If your application is refused

In the event of your protection visa application being declined, there is an option to seek a review of the decision through Australia’s administrative review tribunal. The tribunal serve as an independent entity responsible for reviewing decisions made by DoHA. Should you opt for a review, it is crucial to adhere to the specified timeframe and furnish any supplementary information or evidence that could strengthen your case. Alternatively, you have the choice to submit a new application, especially if your circumstances have undergone changes since your initial submission.

How we can help

To enhance your readiness for the Protection visa interview and to navigate the complexities with confidence, consider enlisting the assistance of Australian Migration Lawyers, who can provide you with tailored legal advice, guide you through the interview process, and offer valuable insights on effective question responses.

Furthermore, in the event that your application being declined, Australian Migration Lawyers can play a crucial role in your next steps. Should you choose to seek a review of the decision through the tribunal, Australian Migration Lawyers stand ready to assist you in your decision-making process, outlining expectations, and presenting options for appealing a decision or initiating a new application. Moreover, in consideration of changed circumstances since your initial submission, Australian Migration Lawyers can guide you in the process of submitting a new application.


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