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Turkey visa Australia

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May 7, 2024
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The Australian Protection visa for Turkish nationals

The Australian protection visa offers multiple pathways for Turkish nationals facing persecution or discrimination in Türkiye. Options include the Offshore Humanitarian stream (Form 842) and the Global Special Humanitarian visa (subclass 202), requiring sponsorship from an Australian entity, while Turkish nationals in Australia can apply for a subclass 866 Protection visa if they fear persecution, enabling them to stay permanently if granted.

What is the protection visa process for Turkish nationals in Australia?

Eligibility criteria for Turkey protection visas:

For individuals from Türkiye seeking visas in Australia, there are several avenues to explore.

The primary option is the Offshore Humanitarian stream (Form 842), where applicants need to demonstrate substantial discrimination in Türkiye, constituting a severe violation of their human rights, particularly regarding ethnicity, religion, political beliefs, or similar factors.

Another possibility is the Global Special Humanitarian visa (subclass 202), which requires sponsorship from an Australian entity. Applicants must present a genuine need for protection from persecution or discrimination while residing outside Türkiye and Australia. Sponsors can be Australian citizens, permanent residents, or organizations. Immediate family members are also eligible if they meet the criteria for split family visa applications. Sponsors play a crucial role in facilitating resettlement and might assist with travel expenses.

Lastly, Turkish nationals already in Australia on a valid visa can apply for a subclass 866 Protection visa if they fear persecution or significant harm in Türkiye. If granted, this visa allows them to stay permanently in Australia, provided they meet Australia's protection obligations and all other visa conditions.


Book a Consultation

If you are interested in getting more information about a Protection visa, get in touch with Australian Migration Lawyers for a consultation.

Supporting documentation for the Turkish Visa

While the specific documents required may vary depending on the visa type, applicants from Türkiye may need to provide the following:

Identity Documents:

  • Passport with personal details.
  • National identity card.
  • Proof of name change.

Humanitarian Circumstances:

  • Registration with refugee organizations.
  • Statement explaining reasons for leaving home country.

Visas or Residence Permits:

  • Certified copies of current visas or permits.

Relationship Documents:

  • Certified copies of marriage certificates or registrations.


  • Passport-sized photographs per applicant.

Application Forms:

  • Refugee and humanitarian proposal forms.

Character Documents:

  • Military service records (if applicable).

Notification of Assistance:

  • Immigration assistance forms.
  • Dependents' Documents:
  • Identity documents.
  • Relationship proof.
  • Visas or permits.
  • Marriage certificates or registrations.
  • Character documents (if applicable).


  • Translation of non-English documents into English.
  • Document Preparation for Online Applications:
  • Color scans or photos of documents.
  • Clarity and labeling.
  • Consolidation of multi-page documents.
  • Sponsorship and travel assistance documentation.

Lodging a Turkey protection visa in Australia

Turkish individuals seeking a Humanitarian visa have the option to apply either online or via postal submission. Opting for online submission is advisable due to its convenience and effectiveness. For online applications, applicants should fill out the appropriate forms such as Form 842 for the Offshore Humanitarian visa and Form 681 for the refugee and special humanitarian proposal, and submit them along with necessary documents through the designated online portal. Alternatively, for postal submissions, completed forms and supporting documents should be mailed to the Special Humanitarian Processing Centre at the Department of Home Affairs in Sydney, NSW. For offshore applications using Form 842, applicants can send their submissions to the specified addresses.

Turkey visa compliance and conditions

If granted a Global Special Humanitarian visa (subclass 202), Humanitarian visa (Form 842), or Protection visa (subclass 866), certain terms and responsibilities come into effect:

Stay and Rights: Visa recipients are entitled to indefinite residency in Australia, employment and educational opportunities, access to public healthcare via Medicare, the ability to sponsor family members for permanent residency, five years of travel to and from Australia, eligibility for Australian citizenship, and access to free English language classes.

Duration of Stay: Permanent residency begins upon arrival in Australia on the visa.

Family Inclusion: Eligible family members encompass partners, dependent children, partner’s dependent children, and other dependent relatives, subject to meeting health and character prerequisites. Declaration of all family members is mandatory, regardless of whether applying together.

Cost: No visa application fee is applicable unless proposed under the Community Support Program. However, for a Protection visa (subclass 866) application, there is a fee of $45 AUD.

Obligations: Visa holders must adhere to Australian laws, arrive in Australia before the specified initial arrival date, and arrange their own travel to Australia.

The processing time for an Turkish-Australian visa

In the domain of visa applications from Türkiye, processing durations can fluctuate considerably owing to diverse elements. The authorities aim to handle all requests swiftly, yet occasional delays might arise due to the necessity of validating familial connections, evaluating health and character, and confirming identities. Furthermore, constraints on visa quotas and queues for particular visa classifications might also factor into the delays. Though endeavors are exerted to expedite assessments for humanitarian visas, the processing timeline hinges on personal situations, geographical location, and the accessibility of essential paperwork and personnel.

Find success with Australian Migration Lawyers

Seeking assistance from an Australian Migration Lawyer can yield substantial advantages when pursuing a protection claim. Our professionals possess profound understanding of Türkiye's visa regulations and can adeptly navigate applicants through the procedure. Their guidance guarantees the thoroughness of essential paperwork and adherence to eligibility standards, while also tackling any legal obstacles that may emerge, thus streamlining the process. Utilizing their expertise heightens the likelihood of a positive result and alleviates the anxiety linked with the application process.

Supporting evidence for your application 

To bolster your asylum application in Australia as an individual from Türkiye, it's crucial to furnish a detailed statement delineating the specific threats you encounter if you were to return to your homeland. If other family members also face danger, they should submit separate statements. Your statement should meticulously chronicle the circumstances leading to your departure, including those responsible for persecution, efforts undertaken to seek assistance, and the manner in which you left Türkiye. It's imperative to provide specific examples rather than generalizations about the country's hazards. Integrity is paramount, and embellishment should be avoided, as the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) will authenticate the information provided. Additionally, include any corroborating documents such as letters, photographs, or medical reports, along with original identity and nationality documents. Ensure that all documents are genuine and translated into English if necessary.

The Turkey protection visa interview

When attending your protection visa interview at the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), meticulous preparation and honesty are crucial. Plan your logistics, thoroughly review your statement, and disclose any new information beforehand. During the interview, expect questions about your identity, truthfulness, and potential risks in Türkiye. An interpreter will be available to assist, and consistency with your statement is essential. Be prepared to address any discrepancies, as the officer may cross-reference information from various sources. Promptly share any additional pertinent details and consider seeking guidance from an Australian Migration Lawyer, especially regarding post-interview communication from Immigration. Common interview topics include obtaining personal documents, providing personal background information, detailing past and potential threats in Türkiye, and discussing any security or political affiliations.


Navigating administrative processes

For humanitarian applicants from Türkiye, securing the assistance of an experienced Australian Migration Lawyer is essential. They provide tailored guidance on visa requirements, assist in compiling accurate documentation, and represent applicants during interviews. Timely responsiveness to inquiries and staying informed about immigration laws are crucial. With the support of an Australian Migration Lawyer, humanitarian applicants from Türkiye can maneuver through the bureaucratic process with confidence and efficiency, thereby improving their chances of a favorable outcome.

Advice tailored to your case

Although the internet provides abundant resources, there are situations where personalized advice is indispensable. Our team of Australian Migration Lawyers offers complimentary initial consultations to assess your visa options and provide tailored strategic guidance. Given the complexity of individual cases, it's difficult for any lawyer to provide detailed advice without conducting a thorough interview.

Hiring legal representatives or appeals and reviews

Our team of Australian Migration Lawyers is committed to offering continuous assistance to applicants from Türkiye, guiding them through every step of the application process, including any necessary appeals or reviews. Upon receiving a decision on your application, we will promptly inform you of the outcome. If your application is approved, we'll share in your happiness. However, if the decision is unfavorable, our lawyers will provide guidance and explore potential appeal options, representing you at Australia's administrative review tribunal or the Federal Court as needed.

Potential changes to Turkish immigration

In Türkiye, a significant issue revolves around the ongoing suppression of Kurdish political activists, with the government utilizing harsh tactics to quash dissent and stifle Kurdish cultural expression. This includes mass arrests, censorship of Kurdish media outlets, and limitations on Kurdish language education, exacerbating tensions in the region. Turkish authorities often attribute violence and instability to Kurdish separatist groups, justifying their stringent measures against Kurdish communities.

Additionally, Türkiye faces economic challenges, exacerbated by inflation and currency devaluation, leading to widespread financial strain on households and businesses. The government's fiscal policies and external factors contribute to the economic instability, prompting concerns about job security, access to essential services, and overall economic prosperity for the populace.

Guidance from Australian Migration Lawyers

Navigating administrative procedures for humanitarian applicants from Türkiye can be daunting. However, seeking guidance from experienced Australian Migration Lawyers greatly simplifies the process, offering tailored guidance and ensuring compliance with immigration laws. Understanding visa requirements thoroughly, accurately compiling necessary documentation, and attending interviews promptly are essential steps. It's crucial to respond promptly to any requests for additional information from immigration authorities. Staying updated on policy changes and seeking assistance from reputable organizations are also critical. By following these recommendations and seeking legal assistance, applicants can navigate the administrative process with confidence and efficiency.

Australian Migration Lawyers team

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