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Fabian Presta

Australian Legal Executive


Born to Uruguayan migrant parents, Fabian grew up with a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and the unique challenges faced by migrant communities.

His decision to move to the United States in 2007, where he earned a full scholarship to Freed-Hardeman University and later a Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine from Minnesota State University, marked the beginning of a journey that would ultimately shape his future.

Returning to Australia in 2012, Fabian ultimately transitioned into the migration field, inspired by his own personal experiences. Indeed, his professional experience at Australian Migration Lawyers as a paralegal is informed by his family's own migrant background. This personal connection was further strengthened in 2016 when he navigated the migration system himself to sponsor his partner for Australian permanent residency.

A passionate advocate for social cohesion and combating discrimination against migrants, Fabian's approach to his work is characterized by a deep commitment to fostering understanding and inclusivity. He uses his intellect and communication skills to assist Australian Migration Lawyers to guide clients through the migration process, at all times promoting equality and respect for individuals, regardless of their background.

As a proud father to two young children of diverse heritage, Fabian's dedication extends to creating a better future for the next generation. He strives to instil in them the values of empathy, respect for diversity, and the importance of contributing positively to our community.

In his spare time, Fabian remains actively involved in community health and wellness initiatives, leveraging his background in exercise science and sports medicine. His holistic approach to life – balancing a demanding career with his responsibilities as a father and migrant community role model – exemplifies his commitment to making a difference for all.


Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine, Minnesota State University

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